Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Deity's codicil

Days ahead when seems to be blissful

And happiness and content seem to be brim and full

Almighty has some other designs, days full with lull

We are on earth due to his will and remain still

With the joys and agony He has bestowed in his codicil.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Please stop Mr Kejriwal

Your resume speaks volume of your abilities. You studied at IIT, gave nothing to the field of engineering. You joined Tata Steel, but remained adamant to working in Steel Melting Shop and finally got yourself transferred to horticulture--bizarre. You became and IRS officer, but remained on study leave most of the time. 

You gave India Right to information-excellent. Your involvement in the crusade against corruption gave new hope to the hoi polloi, but your own party threw Mr Ramdoss(the party Lokpal) like a fly in the milk, and AAP party still is in need of a Lokpal. Anna Hazare has moved into oblivion, and the Bhushan duo have been relegated. Mr Yogendra Yadav-the astute politician-has been sidelined too.

Now as the chief minister of Delhi(sic) you have ample time and public money at your discretion to spend inappropriately. As you have no portfolio, you must have been having abundant time to involve yourself in the activities like- self advertisement, discussions, scuffle with LG and PM etc. Now your party has started getting Rs 100 per month as donation. Can't you read the writing on the wall?-- you being an astute technocrat-cum-social activist-cum-crusader-cum-chief minister-cum-crier.

Please stop misusing the public money in your government coffers to advertise yourself and your party. In 550 crores you may have given New Delhi the WiFi promise you have given during elections; or, the CCTV promise may have been fulfilled. But you will not involve yourself in development activities, as crying is the activity which soots you and people like you. Stop playing victim-victim, or, victimize Delhi people for voting a nomad, please do something substantial. The deposit of public faith in you is fading very fast, and you are frittering the initial gains even faster. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

LaMo wades as Media weds Opposition

Last fortnight saw a great hullabaloo in Indian media, and a sincere effort to dislodge the general perceptions about the Indian PM Mr NaMo and his governing style. The Indian media and the opposition were shouting in the same pitch. Thanks to the other Modi--the man who spun Indian Cricket into a money vending(read laundering) machine by introducing Football type Cricket league in India--and his twittery.

Before the "Lalitgate" went viral in Indian media; the opposition-and also the Indian media- was desperately searching for an issue, or a substantial evidence to tear apart the NaMo and his government. In "Lalitgate" both-the media and the opposition-has found solace. But it is imperative to discuss as to why?

The paid news, under the aegis of vested interests of the previous governments in the Indian Media, were doing the rounds for a long time; and although it has waned a bit, it has not been wiped out totally. Namo government has stopped the practices of its predecessor, and this is the main cause of Indian media's desperation. Their TRP's are falling, and so falling are their turnover. So, apart from starting "chaotic discussions"-the palaver- in the prime time; they are resorting to 'less news and more ad breaks theory. They are not letting any stone unturned in trying to malign the government on petty issues. After all, it is the issue of their survival in the very competitive e-news market. The best way to deal with these incessantly fluttering, chirping, and weird fourth pillar of democracy will be to demarcate the freedom and regulation line more clearly and effectively by implementing the "Media Regulation Bill". And media can reinvent itself also by starting telecast of Engineering, Science, Economics, Political Science et al. classes. In this way they can attract new viewers to their channels, and raise their TRP and revenue as well.

The opposition, after their wipe out from political map of India in the NaMo wave, are searching very badly for an issue--to give them relevance and rejuvenate, unite and enthuse their depressed flock in current political scenario--to fare well in the coming assembly elections in the states, going to the hustings this year or the coming year; and hence the rhetoric. Some parties are collaborating inauspiciously and suspiciously; someone is going on a self-searching tours; few have forgotten the basic emblem on which they were formed; and the remaining are left to chorus the aforesaid parties on each and every issue. And they are duly assisted in their cause by few ministers and leaders of the current government, with their unacceptable behavior or blabs-embarrassing the government now and then. They should be tamed before they do substantial damage to the image and prospects of the current government. The situation for the opposition is ludicrous and utterly pitiful at the same time. They should better reinvent themselves by going 'gung ho' with the issues which are a major concern for Indian society as well as economy for a long time. But, they will go the easy way-blab, blab, and blab. And the Indian masses love these blabs.

Coming back on Lalit Modi, is it easy to understand his desperation. He wants to get back to India; be a force to reckon with; earn exponentially; and get back the respect he once had. If he is using twitter  to make flutter in Indian politics, his modus operandi is clearer than crystal. Spill the bins. Those badly in need of an issue will respond and grab them willingly. If he is tarnishing the image of few ministers of the ruling party, certainly he is working on oppositions designs. After all he rose to fame and importance during their tenure, and became a Mogul under the aegis of few corrupt and highly ambitious politicians of the previous regime. Who gave him a freehand in running, maneuvering, managing(sic) and designing the data-sheets  as well as the rules of the most popular game in India?

However, it is up to the masses to read between the lines of these flutters and tweets judiciously; and better devote their time caravaning, or, doing their constructive/productive work in taking India forward, than watching/reading these chaotic discussions; and let the government deliver on its promises. It has taken few bold steps, and it needs our support to boost its morale in delivering on other fronts at a brisk pace.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government, which was in a dearth of funds to give salaries to its employees not very long ago, has started to show its lucullan mindset by segregating 526 Cr for the advertisement of its 'Maverick", from the government coffers. Its image-of common man party-and messiah of probity and transparency is waning very fast. After all, the ephemeral rise happens with a fear of falling flat more rapidly than the rise; and the AAP government will prove that. It is the Delhites who stand to lose.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Time

It takes time to understand someone. Although the personal traits can only be conditioned; it remains treasured within--in the core,like a vault. Few times people may misconstrue you. Don't worry! the Time will attest time and again of your innate qualities. So, giving time to Time will heal everything; because Time is a great healer. Its the ordeal in between, that haunts and pains.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Road accidents; a dream-liner is crashing everyday in India

This week the ruling party at the center lost one of its promising and popular leader in a road accident in the national capital, and it made headlines: me also lost two of my friends in a similar road accident and it also made headlines. But, the question is--until when we will remain neglecting this mammoth killer road epidemic? and penancing on the loss of our near and dear ones?

Every year estimated 1.4 million road accidents happen in India, out of which only 0.4 million are reported. Nearly 300 people lose their lives daily due to road accidents; in other term it is equivalent to a dream-liner crashing everyday. Further, a minimal percentage of these accidents are investigated scientifically, in the absence of which, the real cause of the accidents are never known. Its time now to give it a serious concern to alleviate this killer threat.

When an accident occurs anywhere, it is the bigger vehicle which is held culprit. This perception must change. Rash driving, bad roads, improper driving training, poor maintenance of the vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol, are few main causes of the road accidents. And government must choke out a concrete plan to enhance the road safety.

We regret the loss of one, two, or few persons in any communal clashes or due to some other reasons, but, nixing road safety will take more lives in near future can't be abnegated; as we are advancing at a greater pace, for, its the time of expressways nowadays. So, the authorities accountable and responsible for enhancing road safety must be firm to implement the road safety rules--without any leniency. The socio-economic impact of these fatal accidents must be studied throughly to understand its impact. Families are left helpless by the demise of the earning member of the house hold in these accidents. But, ironically, road safety only hogs limelight when we lose any popular leader or personality.

Thankfully, this time there has been a change in the government at the center; and we expect a sterner rule and regulation in place for the safety on roads. Loss of a leader is a catastrophe and of 0.4 million people  is only a statics, can't work for long, and this thinking must change: obviously it is more than that and government should implement the road safety rules effectively to save lives from going into the mouth of this ugly road demon. We, the people, also have some responsibilities; obeying the safety rules and norms, wearing the helmet and using safety belts, not driving rashly, not giving super-bikes to the adolescents and making them aware of the road safety rules, and not driving after consuming alcohol, are few of the steps, we must take, to ensure the safe return of our near and dear ones from the roads. And remember, it is better late than never.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The aftereffects of the wave

Abusing others with ostentatious remarks has gone fishing from the media. The outbound language is tracing the path like a boomerang and unable to hold the Boomerang, or, not knowing how to handle it, is playing havoc, and the reacting leaders are either shown the door, or, are being reined in, or, reprimanded sternly.

Some call it retrospect, some introspection, some review, and yet some reinventing and rejuvenating the party; but, I call it the aftereffects of a severe storm that pervaded India for more than a year. As the new small plants are uprooted in a thunderous hailstorm so have been several parties in the just concluded elections. Some are sulking; some are frowning; some are licking their wounds; some are calling meetings after meetings to give solace to each other; but, everyone of them is dying for an issue which will bring all the decimated and severely wounded parties back to the media glare.

The HRD minister's qualification issue, article 370 and several other issues may be seen as an effort to divert the new government's attention from the core issues India is facing now--by the bruised leaders. After all, such behavior is expected from those who have lost their ground--devoid of their lifesaving bread and butter.

Those whose space in the political arena have been snatched, or those who have been maimed, or those who have been bundled to single digit number of seats in the Lower House in the Parliament should understand it clearly that the new generation is now sizable and are conscious enough to differentiate between the opportunists and the deliverables, and the faster they will mend their ways of a constructive politics, the quicker will their recovery; otherwise they may start counting their days for an unceremonious egress from the Indian politics; or, the only option left to them will be--coalesce--which has already made its presence felt in Bihar: but, until when such blending will sustain is to be seen. The ephemeral 'Third Front' is still fresh in our mind and what happened to it is not a rocket science.

Thankfully, the new PM has been a ground worker, and is well aware of the designs the opportunists and the silver spooned play. So, let's treat the hiccups in opposition camp as mere entertainment material for the news media; and hope that Mr Modi and his team will certainly deliver at a brisk pace, because he knows that the timely delivery on all fronts will not only erase some regional parties from the national scene,but will give his party a decisive edge over others and a possibility of faring well in the states also, which will go to the hustings shortly; and no doubt Uttar Pradesh needs an urgent and decisive attention.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Careful steps are the need of the hour

So, the change has occurred at last in Indian politics; NDA government is back with a bang. The record breaking performance of the BJP in the general election--first time full majority by any non-congress party--was welcomed by much awe from all quarters; and its performance has left it dumbfounded itself.

But, the real test for the new government has started from the day one. Given full mandate by the people,  great expectations now lies on its shoulders. The new government will have to deliver timely on several issues--the issues which has given it such a landslide victory; inflation, graft and apathy--despite a lot of edge giving Bills by the previous government[sic]. The new government will have to deliver on several fronts simultaneously and with a sublime pace.

Prioritising the government's intentions should be taken care of carefully. Those parties which were decimated in the general elections are licking their wounds and are sulking. So, they will be vying for any slackness of the new government very eagerly; for, it will give them new grounds to reinvent themselves. But, cleaning the government of the ills remains the Augean stable for the new government.

The eternal cougher, the arrogant politicians, the feigning secularists, the opportunists and the thugs, all have been maimed this time; and there will be no leg pulling. The triumvirate of the dames have their role cut this time; and only mustering the majority in the Upper House(the Rajya Sabha) in case of policy making remains an Achilles heels for the new government; but, the NDA does have some astute strategists who can and will muster the majority as and when the need demands.

Thankfully, the new premiere has a proven record of delivering in governance; and neglecting the disruptions and brouhaha by the opposition parties--which is none in the parliament this time--the new government should pace its steps on pussyfooting but with a great pace. Then only the motif of change will be meaningfully and effectually materialised. The economy, foreign policy, relations with the neighbours, job creation, and inflation; all have set their hopeful eyes on the new government. Let's hope that everything will have its good times ahead barring the cougher and the blabber.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

BSNL-disconnecting India

Do you own a BSNL landline in India ? Then you must have gone through the nasty and irritating  unwanted commercial calls. BSNL; once a leader in telecommunication saw a nosedive slump in its customer base in the first decade of the twenty first century; and after the invasion and penetration of mobile technology it is on a ventilator waiting for its certain death.

Thanks to INTERNET, which gave it a new life; and BSNL again is on a path of recovery. The cheap tariffs and impeccable pace, along with the customer care system is giving this 'Navratna' company a face-lift again.

But, there enters the commercial calls segment. This segment is so frustrating that if you will say no to the caller, or request him not to call you again they will threaten you of dire consequences. The BSNL database system is so easily accessible that they know your address and they threaten with your address and you are left only to fume on the BSNL data theft.

Although the government has enacted few laws to save the BSNL customers from these unwanted calls; but, untill the BSNl will stand to safeguard its database, it is nearly impossible. The BSNL telephone numbers are available at 3000 numbers per hundred rupees. Untill the moles in the BSNL--who indulge in selling the numbers for petty gains--are brought to book, BSNL can't give its customers a safe environment and peace of mind. Let's hope that this blog reaches to the persons in charge of decision making process of BSNL; and they take appropriate steps to lengthen the life, not shorten the death of BSNL landlines in India.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

And the tranquility prevails

With the end of the campaigning for the last phase of the on-going election process; the long and tedious electioneering for the sixteenth Lok Sabha come to its fag end. The barbs, the miscues, the jabs, the interpretations and the misinterpretations all took a semicolon in all forms of media. And the  media specially TV seems imbued and exhausted in covering such a huge election process: the full stop being reserved for sixteenth May scenario.

All involved, barring the officials entrusted with carrying the last phase successfully, will be cooling their heels now. The political class will soon see infusion of fresh camaraderie all over India. But, the scene of serenity may take an ugly turn if no one gets a clear majority. And the hue and cry will again resurface with the jibes.

But, for the time being let's celebrate the peaceful and successful completion of the election process, and enjoy the tranquility and peace in and around ourselves. The government making process will begin after sixteenth of May, but the Sensex has announced something favorable by kissing the 23000 mark. Let's hope that the Sensex will quit its serial kisser image and move on to continuously moving path without vacillations; and Indian economy will follow suit.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The corroding pillar

The secret love affair of a senior leader ate up all the time and space in the media last week; the bomb blast in Chennai, Tamilnadu or the pogrom in Kokrajhar, Assam although found a minuscule mention in the fourth page of newspapers; the selfies and the barbs got ample time and space, news like the blast got little or no coverage on news networks; because there were no sponsors for these news, I think. The Center sponsored channels did their ritual routine job, and the devastating incidents came into light as a not-so-important event. Isn't it a live example and testimony to the fact that the fourth pillar of democracy has corroded up to a devastating degree in India? and is in need of a overhaul?

After the TV channels mushroomed in 1990s; it was feared then that in order to survive and do business, few will choose the sensationalizing route, few will squander from their path of proper and authentic information, few will mean only business, and few will commercialize this fourth and important pillar of democracy by degrees; but, few will stick to the basic fabric of news and broadcasting design. Today, this pillar of democracy is in dire situation, needing an essential and life-saving overhaul.

The breaking news scenario, where an incident of a little value is sensationalized like a hot cake; the scandals are given a fair treatment--a TRP raising legerdemain--but, a news of national importance finds no mention. Who is to blame for this paradigm-shift? The policy makers, the regulators, the viewers, or the owners? Isn't it a time to think about their proper regulation? where every channels are compelled to comply with the minimum decorum required to be categorized as a news channels?--failing which, they will be devalued or thrown out of the news broadcasters domain?

Ironically, for most of the players in this field, their prerogative and protocol runs supreme, and making profit is their primary goal. Regulation of these channels was taken few years back by the central agency, but the guild of News and Broadcasting Association is so strong that it thrashes every effort of taming them. Today, they make and destroy a personality, party and even a government instantly by the simple trick of character assassination. After every news, they take a commercial breaks. Who will tell these actors, saviour and guards of democracy that they are corroding at a much greater pace; and its time now to think of their role in society seriously. Then only the necessary protection from corrosion will be taken, and those who have fallen astray will come back to their defined routes. But, for this to happen and materialize a stern policy is the need of the hour and those showing non-adherence to it, face severe penalties. Thank God! there are few players in this field, due to whom this important pillar of democracy survives, and are respite for the viewers.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Love's labour lost

The social media once again spilled the beans; and an audacious declaration by an Indian politician about his liaison--the love affairs are termed so throughout the world--followed. He must be applauded for the declaration.

From the last ten years he was tearing every opponent and obeying the diktat of a women power earnestly. He was dethroned in his state by the same women power; and at the verge of being pushed to the fence in national politics; the women power has came to his rescue again. The new acquired power will be more enjoyable; as, the ex-officio power carries a lot of weight with it, and has a lot of troubles with it also. But, the feel of this new power--the power of being loved in mid-sixties by a women in mid-thirties carries a lot of weight on his personality and masculinity. As his party is en-route to a rout, it is a better option to cherish the moments with his fiancée in seclusion.

He had made furore with his feral remarks in the past; not long ago he had said a youth leader of his party a hundred percent juicy material. The misinterpretation of his remark by the media was alleged then. But, in India it is said that you can not hide your secret love for long; and if you are a public figure, any news of your affair will spread by leaps and bounds. As that statement against a women youth leader stands testified now, so is his characters.

Interestingly, the love affairs are touted as illicit the world over--by the envied people--till are manifested in a marriage. When the marriage of the bachelor vice president of his party should have taken the center-stage, the blabbing genius of his party is hogging the limelight. What an irony! The man tipped to lead his party in the years to come, is devoid of the PM's chair as well as the groom's. And if the leaders like the sexagenarians will keep taking away the brides this way, the bachelor VP is left only to rue of a lost opportunity. For what? is not a rocket science, and off-course is a matter of my next blog; but, for the time being, let's congratulate the romancing couple for a bright future ahead.

P.S.- Cool Honeymoon in the offing!--was the heading of this blog before publishing, then the recent malapropism of this word by a Baba--and his plight thereafter--came to my mind and I thought this one to be more sober.The man mentioned in the post hails from the state of Madhya Pradesh, where Khajuraho is a city famous for the depiction of the art of making love and sex in the monuments, hence the title.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is it a 'Democracy' or an 'Abusocracy'?

The leaders hurling uncontrolled barbs against each other; the EC's whip loosing its sheen; making mockery of the people in the name of democracy:  where the Indian politics is going right now? The leaders may have ushered India into a better place in the planet to live; but, that expectation is subdued by degrees by their dirty jibes; and the game is becoming dirtier by each passing day.

To be or not to be part of the party whose leaders are showing such an acumen--in abusing their adversaries; is a pertinent question now. Not to mention the small-time leaders, the MIT educated, the Oxford educated, JNU educated and the local university educated; or, the non-educated all are using the same language. Will they make a difference?--undoubtedly it is a doubt.

Everyone is busy baking his bread, according to his taste or his/her families. The nation has taken the backstage. Very few leaders are talking about their vision of taking India to a newer heights, at the moment. And those who are on the verge of a whitewash are a laughing lot themselves. By using abusive languages, their education, values, and every other things are open to all; and standing disrobed of their veils.

The last Moughal kotwaal's (the police chief's) family is using the language, it had never used before. And the prospect of leading India again will be lessened further by degrees, if they remain indulging themselves in playing such jibes.

Ironically, it is India's destiny that even after sixty seven years of Independence, such things are happening at the moment. Is it the twilight of democracy or the dawn of a new era?  The era of leading and teaching the world how to be a role model; it had done long long ago once. To those leaders who are playing boisterously with the Indian tradition; my earnest request is--don't make the largest democracy in the world an 'Abusocracy'. For, then, the whole world will be laughing at you and your nation, which, off course, is happening right now.So, please behave yourself.